What to Expect...

Here's what you can expect at Grace Harbor.  We hope you'll join us Sundays at Wyandot, and we'd appreciate your feedback by filling out our first time guest survey.

Uplifting, encouraging and meaningful worship music

* Challenging messages from God’s Word
* Next Step opportunities for you to Belong, Grow, Serve and Share
* Teaching from pastor Larry Kinkopf
* Weekend gatherings that last about an hour
* Relaxed atmosphere
* Opportunities to help one another and those in our community


We believe families are healthiest when they are united around a solid spiritual foundation. We desire all families to experience the peace and unity that comes when Christ’s presence is lived out in each family member’s life. Each of us has been brought into relationships by God where you are among family, whether you are single or married, with our without children. Relationships are vital and each person has an opportunity to encourage others to become more like Christ. It is our desire to see the presence of Christ in every family.


Raising your children to be happy and obedient, full of joy and rock solid in their faith requires a personal relationship with Jesus. We’re here to help you as your lead your children toward a vibrant faith in Christ. Our HarborKidz Children’s ministry and Grace Harbor Student Ministry are dedicated to supporting your family from the youngest to the oldest.

Here is what you can expect:  God’s Word will be taught in a creative, relevant and age appropriate manner. We will share clear truths from God’s word and teach your child how to apply what they are learning to their daily lives. * On Sundays, we provide opportunities for your children to learn through group teaching as well as small    group interaction. We encourage the small group teaching from Sunday to carry into homes during the week through relevant materials for parents to use.

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